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I have Gia-Ninh to thank for my back health! I have very limited mobility due to a partially fused spine, but I’ve seen significant gains through Gia-Ninh’s Pilates classes and overall discipline. He’s a model for precision, too, but is warm-hearted and fun. Thank you, Gia-Ninh!

Dina K.

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I’ve been working out with Gia-Ninh for the last ten years. His classes are designed for multiple levels so everyone from beginners to advanced levels can enjoy a great workout.

I’m especially grateful for to Gia-Ninh for guiding me through my fitness routines the last couple of years starting from pre-natal (pool) to post-natal (Pilates, cardio and strength training).

Thanks to Gia-Ninh I had an active, fit and safe pregnancy. Since delivery, Gia-Ninh has coached me to repair my pelvic floor and now my body is slimmer and my abs are toner than pre-pregnancy! And all of this was through zoom!

Most importantly, I always have fun! Gia-Ninh’s positive personality ensures laughing and smiling through each work out so you feel happy even while you are pushing yourself. I like his easy does it approach which is that we work hard but we’re not going to stress about it. I’m trying to apply that to life as well!

Cristina L.

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Gia Ninh is an inspiring and experienced instructor with in-depth knowledge on the science behind training ensuring that one gets what is right for one’s needs.  My Pilates practice evolved, or should I say started with Gia Ninh’s classes. But for his expert guidance and strategic encouragement I would not have stayed with the program for very long.

Today, a couple years later, I’m at a point where I am committed to his class no matter what time zone I’m in because of the difference in my practice and in my well being. I recommend Gia Ninh’s instruction with great confidence based on what I have got out of working with him.

Vinni G.

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What distinguishes him from others is the joy and fun which he brings to classes whether in person or over Zoom.. I would note is his keen eye, even via a laptop for ensuring attendees are exhibiting proper form to prevent injury.

Joe R.

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